A Message from Coach ABC

WOW!!!!!! Can you believe it the year is almost over?

I can’t thank you enough…..

There are some of you that have worked out with me in the past, and I say thank you for your trusting me, following me, and working out with me and continuing to ride this journey with me, as you ventured on your health & fitness quest.  Some of you, it was your first time with me, and I’m sure you there were lots of questions about me, and now we’ve become much closer, you trust me more, and because of that, you’re challenging yourself more.

Over the past year I’ve seen you all begin to love the skin that YOU are in no matter where you are, but always striving to becoming a better you.….Every size that you have achieved, every curve that you see, and every muscle that you’ve built is something that you should be proud of, because remember skinny does not always mean healthy.

My energy and drive for transformations have always been high, but you all have helped me to grow to be an even better Coach for you, and I look forward to even more transformations……


As we move into December, and beyond my 3 words for you will be “Decide, Commit and Succeed”, “courtesy of Beachbody” each of these words are words that you can use even outside of the fitness arena, but in your everyday life.

I pray that God blesses you all, and here’s to Love, Health, and Happiness….. Be Well!!!!


Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year…..

Love Coach



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