How Often Should You Replace Your Athletic Shoes?

I often hear my tennis shoes are so comfortable and feel good on my feet while I’m working out, sure they feel super comfy, but are they good for your feet…..


Buying new sneakers is a lot like changing the oil in your car. You have to pull the trigger depending on either time or mileage, and even though it’s easy to forget, it’s essential for overall function. Whether you’ve been tackling HIIT classes on the regular, pounding pavement, or spending more time at the squat rack, your workout is only as good as the shoes you do it in.


“Having a solid pair of shoes is important because of your foot health,” says Ben Sweeney, coach at Brick New York. “When your shoes wear down, the molding for your foot becomes flatter and flatter. This can cause stress on the foot and ankle leading to injury, and even change your gait—that’s how your foot comes into contact with the ground—over time.”


Shoe lifespan: 300 to 450 miles, or every six months




New Year, New Beginnings, New Opportunities!

WOW, it’s been some time since you’ve heard from me, so I’m hoping that you all enjoyed your holiday season, and now ready to get off to a good start with those New Year’s goals you’ve set for yourself.


Some people call them New Year’s resolutions but research shows that after the first 3 months people have forgotten and even failed at meeting those resolutions..


However, I have the perfect way to help get you back on track… Join me for a day of Physical Activity and Nutrition information….



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