Have any of that Dark chocolate left from Valentine’s Day?

Did you know?

Dark chocolate is full of vitamins and nutrients that can positively improve your health. It is made from a seed of the cacao tree, it is one of the best antioxidants on the planet. A study in 2010, shows that a small amount of dark chocolate EVERY SINGLE DAY can decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke by nearly 40%.

Some of the brands you might recognize that are the best option are:

Ghirardelli Intense Dark (86% cacao)

Godiva Dark (72% cacao)

Lindt Excellence (70% and 80% cacao)

Dark chocolate is a little bit more bitter then you may be used to but that’s because they don’t have the added sugars and milk. While you may like to sit down in front of the t.v. and eat a whole tub of ice cream (which I would never like for you to do) I wouldn’t recommend you doing that with dark chocolate. It is good for you HOWEVER in moderation… if you eat too much you will experience immediate unpleasant symptoms such as indigestion, headache, and heartburn. Dark chocolate with at least 70% of cacao powder with sugar, and milk can also cause rapid weight gain.

But… with the right amount of dark chocolate it can help with weight loss in its pure form. As well as stabilize blood sugar, controlling appetite, and reduce cravings. If those aren’t enough positives it can also improve your moods and curb your desire for comfort greasy fatty foods.

Now if this isn’t enough to convince you to eat that chocolate bar I don’t know what will…




Do you know what this month is?

Other than it being Valentine’s Day this month it is also American Heart Month.

All of February is American Healthy Heart Month.

So what does that mean….?

It means that doctors all over the United States are asking you to pay attention to a silent killer that is killing more and more people every year. Heart disease is the cause of 1 in 4 deaths in the U.S.

Minor lifestyle changes can have a major impact on helping you prevent heart disease. Heart disease is devastating to you and your loved ones.

Below are a couple small changes that you can make to help immensely:

  1. LESS SALT- You have probably heard this many times. Too much sodium causes an increased blood pressure, which negatively affects your heart, brain, and kidneys.
  2. Physical Activity- Thirty minutes each day of elevating your heart rate is crucial to preventing heart disease or stroke. These are the number 1 and number 5 killers in the U.S. It may help to find something that you love to do so that it won’t seem like so much of a chore.

Recent studies show that the average age is decreasing of people affected by heart disease. The obesity rates in youth are increasing. This is partially because of fast food, junk food, and not enough physical activity. Heart disease is no longer something that affects you when you get older, it is affecting everyone. So make some healthy changes for your family and your family’s future.




It’s not too late!!! Come join us and start the year off right!!!

Even if you didn’t get started right on the first of the year there is always time to start now! I am offering a fitness event to help you find out what suits you. You should enjoy working out and living healthy!

I am looking forward to seeing all of you, and having the opportunity to work with each and every one of you. Lets make the new year a great one together.

I have the perfect way to help get you back on track… Join me for a day of Physical Activity and Nutrition information….



Coach ABC

How Often Should You Replace Your Athletic Shoes?

I often hear my tennis shoes are so comfortable and feel good on my feet while I’m working out, sure they feel super comfy, but are they good for your feet…..


Buying new sneakers is a lot like changing the oil in your car. You have to pull the trigger depending on either time or mileage, and even though it’s easy to forget, it’s essential for overall function. Whether you’ve been tackling HIIT classes on the regular, pounding pavement, or spending more time at the squat rack, your workout is only as good as the shoes you do it in.


“Having a solid pair of shoes is important because of your foot health,” says Ben Sweeney, coach at Brick New York. “When your shoes wear down, the molding for your foot becomes flatter and flatter. This can cause stress on the foot and ankle leading to injury, and even change your gait—that’s how your foot comes into contact with the ground—over time.”


Shoe lifespan: 300 to 450 miles, or every six months




New Year, New Beginnings, New Opportunities!

WOW, it’s been some time since you’ve heard from me, so I’m hoping that you all enjoyed your holiday season, and now ready to get off to a good start with those New Year’s goals you’ve set for yourself.


Some people call them New Year’s resolutions but research shows that after the first 3 months people have forgotten and even failed at meeting those resolutions..


However, I have the perfect way to help get you back on track… Join me for a day of Physical Activity and Nutrition information….



Coach ABC

A Message from Coach ABC

WOW!!!!!! Can you believe it the year is almost over?

I can’t thank you enough…..

There are some of you that have worked out with me in the past, and I say thank you for your trusting me, following me, and working out with me and continuing to ride this journey with me, as you ventured on your health & fitness quest.  Some of you, it was your first time with me, and I’m sure you there were lots of questions about me, and now we’ve become much closer, you trust me more, and because of that, you’re challenging yourself more.

Over the past year I’ve seen you all begin to love the skin that YOU are in no matter where you are, but always striving to becoming a better you.….Every size that you have achieved, every curve that you see, and every muscle that you’ve built is something that you should be proud of, because remember skinny does not always mean healthy.

My energy and drive for transformations have always been high, but you all have helped me to grow to be an even better Coach for you, and I look forward to even more transformations……


As we move into December, and beyond my 3 words for you will be “Decide, Commit and Succeed”, “courtesy of Beachbody” each of these words are words that you can use even outside of the fitness arena, but in your everyday life.

I pray that God blesses you all, and here’s to Love, Health, and Happiness….. Be Well!!!!


Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year…..

Love Coach




With all of the holiday parties and family gatherings there is so much food and along with all of that food there are also alcoholic beverages. We all know that you need to limit your calorie intake with food and during this season, it’s very easy to get off track, but, very few people know that alcohol can be just as bad for the healthy lifestyle that you are choosing as well. Did you know that alcohol contains just as many calories, if not more than you can imagine? Let’s take a look….

20-ounce serving of beer can pack 250 calories

6-ounce glass of wine contains 120 calories + additional sugar

1.5-ounce shot of liquor contains about 100

And that’s not including the mixed sugary mixes.  In addition, drinking alcohol while on a weight loss journey or just trying to get healthy affects your body’s metabolism, and effects your body’s ability to burn fat. Your liver usually metabolizes your body’s ability to burn fat and when you drink, your fat metabolism takes a back seat to the alcohol. It then in turn takes longer for your body to burn the fat off even when you work out right after a night of drinking.

So if you can refrain from drinking while seeking your healthy living journey, you will also see many other changes other than weight loss. Cutting your alcohol intake can also help your skin clear up, and can also aid in more energy in combination with your workouts. Alcohol can have both long term and short term effects. You should detox your body from all toxins while working out to give your body a break and the changes will amaze you.

If you want to have that one drink or mixed cocktail, then consider mixing your margarita with diet drinks instead, as they have less sugar, or consider having a glass of red wine it is proven to be very good for your heart and has less calories than a mixed drink or glass of beer. In addition to alcohol and the affect that it has on your body, it also hinders your ability when driving. The holiday season is upon us and celebrating with alcohol beverages is always included, but should you decide to drink, then DO NOT DRIVE, appoint a designated driver, or choose other means of travel for safety; take a taxi, Uber, Lyft, or choose to stay where you are until the effects have worn off.

Happy Holidays to you all!!

Rested and ready to go!!!

Hey everybody…..

So after two very successful boot camps with amazing people, I was blessed to enjoy a wonderful vacation in the Caribbean with family and friends. I had some much needed rest and relaxation. But now I’m back and ready to kick it into high gear.

Before resuming my regularly scheduled classes I was invited to join the ONE AND ONLY instructor of Insanity Mr. Shaun T for a very exciting group workout session and book signing. I met the man himself took lots of pictures and was able to meet old and new friends that are also so very passionate about their fitness journey as well. I was able to pick his brain, and he gave me some amazing suggestions on how to better serve you.

I am continuing to learn new things along this journey of fitness and by being able to attend these different events and health conferences I am able to pass on more know how to you. I love being able to share my passion with as many people as I can and that is why I am so very happy to be able to offer personal training sessions to give my clients a more personal hands on experience.

Services I will be offering soon:

Personalized meal plans

Private training sessions

Group training sessions

Modified workout regimens

I would love to work with you and help make your life a healthier and happier one. Soon I will be posting my available times for these personal sessions. I hope I will get the privilege to work with each and every one of you. If you have any questions about my services please don’t hesitate to send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

The holidays are coming!!! Don’t get off track!!!

The holidays are right around the corner, and that means LOTS and LOTS of food!  You can still indulge and not get off track from your healthy eating journey. I like to tell my clients that you don’t have to give up your favorite foods, it is just better in moderation. I am a very big on portion control and anyone I have worked with will tell you I do not want you to starve yourself or give up any of your favorite food, weight loss and getting healthy shouldn’t be an uncomfortable tedious task. You should enjoy your journey that way you will stick with the lifestyle. So go ahead and have that sliver of pie, or that half of an extra roll. But don’t over eat just because it’s there, or have a midnight snack because you can’t sleep. Below I have listed five points to help you through these holidays to stay on track.

  1. Cook your favorite dishes a little differently: Bake your food instead of fried, don’t use as much sugar in those sweet potatoes. Find a healthier alternative for that fatty butter, and don’t use so much salt.
  2. Fill your plate but with more low calorie foods: Instead of that mountain of mashed potatoes or stuffing fill your plate with more vegetables and salad. Fill the rest of your plate with SMALL portions of the fattier carbs.
  3. Don’t wait until the big awaited dinner to eat: So many people don’t eat anything all day on thanksgiving in anticipation of a big dinner of all of your favorite food. But small portions through the day will keep you from over eating at dinner and won’t expand your stomach so much that you are starving a couple hours later.
  4. Work out before eating that big meal: Working out can help curb your appetite a bit. Make sure it is a high cardio activity to help burn off some extra fat and you won’t feel too guilty if you do eat seconds.
  5. Stay away from the dessert at dinner, eat it for breakfast: I know I know it sounds crazy but if you eat that piece of pie or cake for breakfast you have the whole rest of the day to burn it off.

I want to wish everyone safe and happy holidays and stay tuned for our upcoming events such as my personal training sessions coming to a location near you.

I was scared too…. But, I took the chance, why can’t you?

I, like most people, have worked very hard to achieve my fitness goals. For more than 20 years I have always had a passion for making sure I was taking very good care of my health. I also went through all of the classic stages: soreness, eating off of my meal plan, felt like I just can’t do it anymore. But once you dedicate your whole life to living healthy it becomes a part of your routine. It doesn’t feel like “work” anymore. Fitness is not just something you do. Just like your health it is a lifestyle. There is saying in Taekwondo that a Black belt is not something you get, but something you become. This is the same as fitness. Fit and healthy are things you become.

After a few years on my own fitness journey I realized all of the knowledge I had gained. I really wanted to share what I had learned and start helping others and make them feel as good as I did. So that’s when I began my journey to seek further education in the fitness space.

I have been so blessed to be able to get through many classes, countless hours of studying, being exhausted. But….NEVER gave up and now I am proud to say I am a certified health and nutrition coach! Below are a few of my specific certifications, and I have already started to help so many men and women reach their goals and this is just the beginning. After hosting successful boot camp classes. I am very excited to continue spreading my knowledge and helping as many people as I can through my one on one programs.

Thank you so much for your continued support and I look forward to working with each and every one of you in the near future.

See you next week,